Airbrushed 2D Felt Craters

•  2D Felt Craters are crater artwork airbrushed onto felt to look 3D and are designed for 6mm to 30mm scale games. Felt craters ship flat so they won't wrinkle or crease and they are inexpensive: each crater is around 0.90¢ USD.

• Each Felt Crater Set contains twenty-two craters in four sizes: x12 small (2.75 inch diameter), x5 medium (3.5 inch diameter), x3 large (4.5 inch diameter) and x3 very large (6.0 inch diameter) craters. 2D Felt Craters won't interfere with your miniatures' placement or movement because they will lie flat on your gaming surface. If a crater does get wrinkled/creased at anytime, just iron on the reverse side of the crater with a light steam setting and wrinkles/creases will magically disappear easily and quickly.

• Felt Craters can be used for Sci-Fi, WWI, WWII, fantasy and a host of other game types and scenarios. They can be placed on the game table before the start of a game or during game play as the craters are created.

• 2D Felt Craters come in Earth Green, Moonscape Grey, Dirt Planet Brown, Desert Brown, Mars Red, and Ice Planet White. The crater colors are designed to match our line of game mats perfectly.

"Felt Craters Size Comparison"

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