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"I bought the hotzmat (Deep Space game mat via) surface (mail) a while back. I liked it so much I bought a second one to donate to my gaming club. Truly stunning and durable".

"My favorite one out of the bunch is the Deep Space mat. Boy is it nice. Out of scope for our site, but excellent".

Awesome Felt Battle Mats For Star Wars Starship Battles

"I picked up the big 6x4 mat (Deep Space mat with 2 inch squares) and we played a couple of games with it last night... great mat, better than the folded one....but too big to play without range limitations. So, we came up with a couple of quick house rules:

1) The range of the ship is the inverse base size squared. Yes, we are geeks. In short: Class 1 has a 16 square range, Class 2 has a 9 square range, Class 3 has a 4 square range, and Class 4 is just like the rules. That also applies to targeting. A Class 2 can target and be targeted by a Class 1 only in 9 squares. And so forth. This rule worked very, very well and make Class 3s playable.

2) Fighter launch. You can only launch fighters once a ship enters your zone of fire. So, while a Class 1 cannot target a Class 2 at 15 squares, it can respond by launching 3 fighters at that point. This also worked well, and kept us from launching all our fighters immediately.

Outside of that, rules as normal, and great fun. The 6x4 actually lets the possibility of broadside attacks make sense, and facing become much more of an issue when ships span the whole 4' side. You can easily travel in a straight line and find yourself in a side arc of something nasty.

I HIGHLY recommend these mats."

"One of the best things about them is you can get most of them printed double-sided with different hex grids made on order for your preferred hex sizes (or without any grid at all). This allows to play several space games while only buying one mat -> cheaper and easier to transport than 2 mats."

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"I have a space one for BFG and I could not be happier. It is both durable and beautiful. I did not have any trouble with shipping either, it arrived promptly and well packaged. I love my mat and highly recommend Hotz."

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