Online Quote: It is surprisingly difficult to find a tabletop representation of rivers that is good looking AND affordable.

2 Inch Wide (12 Inch Long) Deluxe River Section with Island


Hotz Mats Felt River Systems is designed to look natural, to look good on any gaming table, to lay flat, and to be affordable.

Geomorphic Felt River System: The river systems sets are geomorphic, which allows you to make rivers in endless lengths and gives you an endless array of layout possibilities.

Pre-Made and Pre-Cut, Durable, Easy To Use and Transportable: Hotz Mats Felt River Systems sections come ready to use: no cutting or painting is required, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are easy to transport and store, folds/creases that may develop during storing are easily and quickly ironed out, designed to last many years of normal gaming use and look great! This product is designed to be light weight, take normal gaming punishment and should last you a very long time.

Standard vs Deluxe Felt River Systems: The difference between the two systems is the Deluxe version comes with flocking and shrubs added. The Deluxe version Felt River Systems is more time consuming and takes for supplies to make, and therefore costs more. However, the Deluxe version is still inexpensive and will look good on your gaming table. For more information Click Here.

Felt River System Sizes: The Felt River System come in 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 inch widths, which are the most common widths required for most games. Other sizes will be released at a later date. Individual river "straight" sections range in length from 6 to 12 inches and ship flat world wide at very reasonable postal rates.
Note that longer sections are possible, for example, you can choose to have one 24 inch straight river section rather than have two 12 inch straight river sections.

Additional Felt River System Optional Pieces: The Additional Optional Felt River sections allows you to add various pieces to your river system giving you a greater variety and more visual appeal. River junction sections are designed to allow you to join various river sizes together so you can have a small creek flowing into a larger river. This gives you an endless variety possibilities for your gaming needs.

Other River Colors: If you require other colored river, other than blue, or a different color base felt (example: to match a Dirt Planet game mat, or a Desert Brown game mat) please make the request. We can make any color water or base felt color to match your gaming surface.

Storing Paved Felt Highways: Always store these road sections either flat. However, any folds/creases that may develop during storage can easily and quickly be ironed out using a medium heat and a light steam setting. Always iron on the reverse side of the river sections.

If you have any questions, please send us an email note. Custom orders are possible; just ask in order to find out if your gaming product can be made.

Send questions, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz