Subdued Hexes and Squares:
    Silk screened hex patterns are designed to be subtle, not over powering. This means the hex pattern won't distract from your game, nor will they cause eyestrain. This allows you and your players to concentrate on your game, not on the hexes.
    Hotz Mats can be printed with 1, 1½, 2, 3, 4 or 5 inch hexes or 1, 2 or 4 inch squares. The variety of games that can be played out on our felt cloth game mats is limited only by your imagination.

Hexes Printed To All Edges:
    Having the hex pattern silk screened printed to the edge of the game mat gives you the option of placing several mats together, side-by-side, to increase the playing area of your game.

Treated Felt Surface:
    All Hotz ArtWorks mats have been treated with a deep penetrating fabric binder that not only strengthens the mat, greatly increasing it's durability, but also allows the mat to retain the felt's natural flexibility. This treatment serves to preserve the felt surface, including airbrushed surfaces, to protect it for years of gaming use.

Airbrushed Artwork:
    Cosmic dust/nebulas, solar flare, etc., have been airbrushed onto the felt surface for a deep space feel. You may order the Deep Space with stars, solar flares and nebula clouds, just stars and solar flare, just stars and nebula clouds, or just stars, or any other combination you feel you need -- there is no extra charge to for this sort of customization. The default Deep Space mat comes with stars, solar flare and nebulas clouds.

Note: If you do not want the red solar flare, you may request a different color. We can also create the solar flare in green-yellow or blue-yellow (as apposed to the standard red-yellow)

Silk Screened Stars:
    Star clusters have been silk screened onto the mat, giving a bright uniform quality to the entire Deep Space mat.

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