Paved Felt Highways Dimensions:
     Road pieces depict two lane highways and are 6 inches wide. The lengths of each piece varies from 36 inches, the long straight road sections, to the shorter curve pieces (45 degree angle) at 7 inch length. Highway Set No.5 gives you almost 400 inches (33 feet) of roadway!

White Lines or White and Yellow Lines?:
     Felt Pave Highways are available with ALL white lines, as is found in Europe, or with White and Yellow lines as is the standard in North America. You just purchase a regular set and then contact us (email) that you want your road ways to have all white lines, or request a PayPal invoice.

     Road pieces can easily cut to smaller lengths/sizes to suit your needs. We can custom cut your roads at no extra cost -- just ask! Roadways are designed to be geomorphic and therefore gives you an endless array of roadway layout possibilities.

Ease of Use:
     Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways sections come ready to use: there is no painting required, no cutting out needed, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are designed to last many years of normal gaming use and look great!

Treated Felt Surface:
    All Hotz ArtWorks pave felt highways have been treated with a deep penetrating fabric binder that not only strengthens the mat, greatly increasing it's durability, but also allows the mat to retain the felt's natural flexibility. This treatment serves to preserve the felt surface and to protect it from years of use. These mats will not pill, or fall apart from normal game play.

Artwork Taken From Real Life:
    Pave Felt Highways have been painstakely researched to give the authenic dimensions of a real highway. Lines, lane widths, etc. are all correct for 20mm/HO/ 1/64th scale.

High Quality Felt and Print Colors:
     Any felt product we produce is made with the utmost care. We have only used the most accurate colors to reproduce the road surface and road lines.

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