Step 3: Purchase Paved Felt Highways; Ships Folded
(to Destinations Outside North America)

6 Feet of Roadway

12 Feet of Roadway

17 Feet of Roadway

23 Feet of Roadway

33 Feet of Roadway

NOTE: You may make up your own Paved Felt Highway set: send us a list of the Paved Felt Highway pieces you would like in your set and we will send you a price/shipping quote. We will send you a quote for "folded", "rolled via surface mail", and "rolled via air mail".

NOTE: Folds and creases incurred during shipping iron out very easily with minimal effort and time. You just iron on the reverse side of the road piece using a light steam setting. It is both easy and very quick to do; you do not have to purchase the pave felt roads boxed and rolled to avoid folds and creases.

European Style Paved Roads
with all White Lines

USA Style Paved Roads
with White and Yellow Lines

Send questions, quote requests, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz